As President Obama’s so-called “resettlement” and immigration policies bring tens of thousands of refugees into the United States from Syria and Libya fleeing the chaos of the Middle East, Europe is beginning to experience a health crisis as a result of similar “open borders.”

Northern European countries have enjoyed the same freedom from many contagious and deadly diseases as America has since the advent of vaccinations and improved sanitation and hygiene led to the near-eradication of tuberculosis, diphtheria and malaria, but the massive influx of immigrants from Middle Eastern countries without those benefits has seen the diseases entering Europe along with the refugees.

The Danish State Serum Institute (DSSI) has reported that diphtheria, a contagious bacterial disease that attacks the respiratory system, was diagnosed in two refugees from Libya where other refugees have been found to be carrying tuberculosis and malaria.

Diphtheria, which can result in pneumonia, heart damage, paralysis and death, is spread by carriers who may not show symptoms, or by contact with objects they have touched, and is rare in the developed world as a result of vaccinations, which are not a regular part of health care in many poverty-stricken parts of the Middle East.

“There is no doubt that infectious diseases are coming in with the refugees that we aren’t used to,” said SSI spokesman Kurt Fuursted. “The infection can be very dangerous if one isn't vaccinated against it. The dangerous type is very rare and we last saw it in Denmark in 1998 – twenty years ago.”

Health officials in Denmark have ordered hospitals to be vigilant and are proposing a stepped-up screening program for all refugees seeking entry into the country, according to Danish Health Minister Sophie Lunde.

The World Health Organization has issued a policy statement, suggesting, “Refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants should be vaccinated without unnecessary delay according to the immunization schedule of the country in which they intend to stay for more than a week.”

The president’s active encouragement of increased immigration into the U.S. without sufficient screening and resources promises to create the same situation seen by smaller countries, only on a much larger basis.

Border agents reported high rates of other contagions during the mass crossing of children during the summer of 2014 identifying flu, scabies, lice as entering the U.S. with the immigrants and being transferred to Homeland Security personnel and others.

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