Officer Michael Holsworth

Once again we witness an employee of a chain food restaurant doing something stupid, this time it’s Olive Garden, the self-proclaimed “Italian restaurant” chain that apparently needs to check their hiring process at the door.

This dust-up once again involved a uniformed police officer being rudely denied service and asked to leave because he was armed…that’s right a police officer was actually armed!

Obviously this is becoming all too common and apparently the end result of an overly politically correct environment within the hiring practice, and apparently hiring unskilled critical thinking young adults.

Officer Michael Holsworth says he was on duty and in uniform Sunday when the employee at the Olive Garden in Independence, Missouri, asked him to leave because guns aren’t allowed in the restaurant.

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Officer Michael Holsworth Facebook post describing the incident

It seems obvious that thinking "out-of-the-box" isn't a prerequisite skill within the chains hiring practice, perhaps focusing more on diversity, rather than common sense skills.

And although the president of the Olive Garden restaurant chain has apologized to the Kansas City police officer, and Olive Garden spokesman Rich Jeffers announced; “It’s unacceptable, that’s what it is. Olive Garden welcomes members of law enforcement all the time in the restaurants. We love serving them. They serve our community. The least we can do is provide them a great meal.”

However, rather than issuing apologies, it might be a much better idea to school the chains HR Department, and perhaps revamp the hiring process.

Source: Blaze

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