There was a time not all that long ago, when good friends could “good naturally” poke fun at one another without fear of being offended, and there was a time when debate and or opposing views were welcomed on college campuses, indeed “expected!”

Where students could engage in spirited debates, and impassioned dialog without fear of reprisal, those days no longer exist.

Today we have a progressive culture that dominates, censors and ultimately threatens those they disagree with, and prestigious universities like UCLA are no exception to this pervasive culture as demonstrated by a photo of UCLA students holding signs that read, “there are only two genders” and “transgenderism is a mental disorder.”

No doubt an opinionated point of view, and certainly not shared with the “politically correct” crowd.

However the rage, and sheer insanity demonstrated by the left has been astounding. One girl pictured in the photo received this chilling message;

You’re a f***ing piece of s***. I hope I find you so I can bash your face in myself. Disgusting piece of s*** spreading hate online. I hope you die c***.

“The response we have received from people, mostly on the left, has been stigmatizing mental disorders, horrific death threats, calling us names, curse words, all for us standing with our opinions,” Nista (pictured) said.

There’s no dispute that folks who engage in a “transgender lifestyle” have emotional issues to deal with, and one can have a spirited dialog of whether it’s a disorder or not, without threatening someone’s well-being for having a different point of view, back then we called it “civility 101.”

Source: NBC LA, Louder With Crowder



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