According to information posted on Reddit, the crowd-sourced posting site, Hillary Clinton's tech team was probably looking into technical solutions for her home-brewed email server as early as 2014. That doesn't mean that those blog posts lasted very long once the news was out, though. With how many things Clinton's group have been deleting it was a matter of course to see the blog posts disappear in the minutes following discovery.

Thankfully, some brilliant people on the internet recovered posts by a Reddit user named "stonetear." That user posted a unique query on a Reddit thread asking for ideas and help removing the address of a VIP "(VERY VIP)" person from an email server. The post referred to a batch of "archived emails" from an "Exchange mailbox," which definitely refers to the type of server Clinton had set up.


People are linking "stonetear" to Clinton tech team member Paul Combetta, the individual who was questioned by the FBI about his role in Clinton's email scandal. Combetta's home address was potentially linked to the "stonetear" name, as well as an Etsy page linked to Combetta that listed an email address with "stonetear" in the address.

While all that is circumstantial evidence, it starts to add up quickly.

The additional fact that Combetta's post regarding deleting archived emails occurred in 2014 further indemnifies Clinton and the entire email scandal. The fact that she was actively searching out ways to remove herself from the email record, and thus make it easier to selectively choose which emails to pass on to the State Department.

Not to mention the fact that a Congressional committee had already expressed interest in Clinton's emails before Combetta may have started looking at ways to delete those emails. That's the real stinger.

Clinton is as crooked as they come and she's done everything she could to cover her tracks. Thank goodness some of the active users on Reddit captured this potential evidence.

h/t: Hot Air

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