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President Obama is visiting Durant, Oklahoma today to discuss "ConnectHome", a program where he want's the federal government to provide high-speed cable access to over 275,000 low-income households in the 27 city test run. Yes, add cable and internet to the already long list of handouts. But that's not what's on the minds of local residents. They have gathered since early morning, eagerly awaiting President Obama's visit, to show him their support for the Confederate flag. Several groups of demonstrators have been seen and reports on social media say that a group came over from Texas to help spread the message. This has started to become a common event, but this will be this first time it's happened so close to an official Presidential visit.

One group was located right next to the venue, but the Oklahoma Highway Patrol asked them to relocate and they did, to a field across the highway, however that property owner asked them to move also. That group decided later to drive around the area with flags waving. Obama often uses empathy with he talks about certain sensitive subjects, but he doesn't seem to have any for Southerners who still believe in 'Heritage not Hate'.

Source: TulsaWorld

Source: News9




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