Since the Michael Brown's death, and the countrywide protests that started in Ferguson, police have been under the microscope for racial animus. In fact, as recently reported by the US Herald, President Obama wants all police to go through special training so they can check their bias before they wreck their lives. In a case that will surely be stuffed in a binder for Mr. Obama to use in a campaign against racial bias in police forces, a shooting in Oklahoma left one black American man dead.

Naturally, the media seized the next “if bleeds, it leads” potentially “racist” story and ran it through the sensationalist car wash. However, unlike other cases, they were found out before too long.

A body camera that was worn by officer Chansey McMillin and gave an exact account of his altercation with Terence Walker, the black American that was shot. Officer McMillin responded to the scene because the charming Mr. Walker was sending death threats to his girlfriend while she was attending a wedding at a church nearby, according to Tulsa World.

McMillion, as seen in the video, was first seen patting Walker down. It was only after the officer searches for a gun on him, that Walker chose to flee. After dropping the firearm, he picked it up and pointed it at police officer. The officer fired five rounds that struck Walker in the chest and neck.

Later officer McMillion appeared remorseful and can be heard in the video rhetorically asking “Why did (Walker) have to do that?”.

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The incident sparked outrage among black American's in the community and he was immediately accused of a “Michael Brown-style” killing. Of course, that seems odd, considering that Michael Brown was unarmed and had not threatened to murder someone. He did attack a cop, which I suppose is like pointing a gun at one.

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Even so, if this was a white American with a black cop, would we have even heard about it? You can't threaten to kill someone, go to where they are with a gun, not bother telling the officer you had said gun, and then after running from the cop, draw a gun on him. This would apply to anyone.

There was no information whether or not he had a last-minute bias racist thought. Then again, in a split second, you do not tend to have very deep thoughts anyways.

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