Joe Mixon

When freshman University of Oklahoma football player Joe Mixon was caught on video in a violent exchange with another OU student last July, he punched 20 year-old Amelia Rae Molitor so hard in the face, he broke four of her bones and knocked her out.

Mixon took a plea deal that kept him from prison, diminishing the sentence to 100 hours of community service and mandatory counseling. The top prospect for the Sooners was able to return to playing last February, after being suspended for only a single season. He was allowed to return to school and continue his classes.

We must keep this in perspective as compared to the next offense that recently took place, but wasn't even a physical assault. Nobody got punched in the face. No bones were broken. A video leaked out displaying a pair of OU students leading a racist song while traveling on a bus.

Both of these video incidents were reviewed by David Boren, the President for the University of Oklahoma. Instead of offering the generous second chance afforded to Joe Mixon, he came down hard and expelled both of those student, saying that they created a hostile learning environment. In Boren's mind, it seems that singing racist chants are far more hostile than getting smashed in the face with a fist which results in broken bones.

While Boren is claiming a zero tolerance policy, the cherry picking of which offenses to punish, and not to punish is becoming more popular in higher education institutions. Oklahoma, a solid Conservative state, has suffered its fair share of Liberal dogma as college level administrations take delight in mirroring the broken policies of Washington DC. What crimes to ignore or not are worming its way into these higher education institutions, and is a growing problem that's clearly reflected in the University of Oklahoma's administration.

In fact, there is a long litany of cases, from drunk driving to sexual assaults where the University of Oklahoma has glossed over the crimes with layers of sugary redemption for the offending students. In this case of a racist song, however, now it's time to deliver on zero tolerance policies?

This disgusting example isn't going unnoticed. Fresh young minds out of High School entering this kind of Liberal utopia in education will skew these gullible voters onto a path for which there is no return. Transforming a Conservative state from the schools up into something it shouldn't be usually starts with the students at the University level.

We should take note and not underestimate this Liberal agenda. What's right and wrong is currently getting turned upside down. Do we really want to live in a country where violent attacks on women are smoothed over, but singing a racist song in a moment of stupidity can destroy an academic future?

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