It took less than 2-minutes from the time a deranged Islamic terrorist blindly slashed his first victim, to lying dead in a pool of his own blood.

No doubt the lighting quick response Monday morning after an “active shooter” alert crackled over the police scanner saved countless lives at Ohio State University, moments after OSU police officer Alan Horujko responded and confronted knife wielding Abdul Razak Ali Artan slashing out at terrified and bloodied victims.

The horrific incident began when Artan a 20-year old Somali refugee and a student at the university, rammed his car into terrified pedestrians knocking them to the ground, then emerging from his auto brandishing a butcher knife, and wildly slashing at the students.

Fortunately the university had in place a methodology for dealing with such an incident, dubbed the Ohio State University Emergency Management Team, and it thankfully worked Monday morning as originally planned.

Moreover a vital part of that team is police officer Horujko, and his quick response in getting to the unfolding scene, which according to USA Today was “about a minute later.” And upon his arrival officer Horujko ordered Artan to drop the weapon, the order was given several times, before Artan attempted to lunge at officer Horujko, who immediately shot him dead.

There’s little doubt that officer Horujko’s quick response saved countless lives.

The young officer joined the police department in January of 2015, and prior to joining the force he studied security and intelligence at OSU and graduated in 2012 after working with Student Safety Services.

“That’s kind of what led me to wanting to become a police officer,” Horujko, told the university newspaper “The Lantern,” shortly after earning his badge.

However law enforcement wasn’t always his main focus, there were moments that Horujko couldn’t decide between being an engineering major or wearing the uniform, luckily he realized; “he did not feel as passionately about engineering as his classmates did.”

“I just couldn’t see myself sitting in a cubicle,” said Horujko, who was previously an engineering major. “By working (at Student Safety Services) and seeing what the police do, and what Student Safety does on the campus, the kind of behind-the-scenes stuff really led me to a law enforcement career.”

No doubt there are a lot of thankful students both in the hospital and around the sprawling campus at Ohio State who are grateful that officer Horujko decided not to pursue a career in engineering.

President-elect Trump commended the heroic actions of Officer Horujko:

The crime is being investigated as a terror attack.

Suspect Abdul Razak Ali Artan

More from the BBC:

US media have claimed Artan may have posted a rage-filled rant to Facebook shortly before the attack took place.

An officer involved in the investigation told NBC a post appeared on a Facebook page believed to belong to Artan saying "I can't take it anymore" and referencing "lone wolf attacks" and al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.

The post continued: "America! Stop interfering with other countries, especially Muslim Ummah [community]. We are not weak."

Artan, said to be a Somali refugee who was living in the US as a legal permanent resident, studied logistics management in the college of Business at Ohio State, reports the Columbus Dispatch.

Asked whether it was a terrorist act, Police Chief Jacobs told reporters: "I think we have to consider that it is."
She added: "Obviously with the purposeful intent that was noticed - driving on the sidewalk - we're going look at it from the potential that it was planned."

In recent months, federal officials have warned about extremist efforts to recruit people for knife and car attacks, which are seen as easier for home-grown radicals to carry out than bombings.

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