"I can't set a bond high enough", said Judge Michael Cicconetti, when he set a 10 million dollar bond for alleged shooter Juan Emmanuel Razo at his hearing in Painesville Municipal Court. Juan Emmanuel Razo, if that is even his real identity, pleaded 'not guilty' via his public defender to charges of attempted murder of a woman who was walking down a local park bike path with her two children. However, the Sheriff's office states he already "gave a full confession to deputies."

Police are also planning to charge Juan Emmanuel Razo with the attempted rape of a 14-year-old relative who he was found with at the time of capture as well as the murder of 60-year-old Peggy Kostelnik, a local woman who lived directly behind the park area where the other shooting occurred. What makes this story even worse is the fact that Razo recently encountered authorities on July 7th on a "suspicious vehicle" stop and while U.S. Border Patrol agents confirmed to sheriff's deputies that he was here illegally from Mexico they refused to come arrest him, so he was set free. Looking back on this now shows what a costly mistake it was.

This is why people like sheriff Joe Arpaio want local authorities to have the power to do something when they encounter illegals.

Source: WKYC

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