Butler County, Ohio, Sheriff, Richard Jones has had enough. He has had enough with illegal aliens bringing in their drugs from Mexico, raping, killing, and injuring his state’s citizens. Naturally, one of the pro-illegal alien activists, Gaby Pacheco (TheDream.US) disagrees.

Ms. Pacheco had the gall to say that it is employers who need the illegal aliens.

As if, it is not the illegal aliens wanting to come to the greatest nation on the planet. She of course went for the old stand-by that America was built by immigrants.

Jones turned that statement back around on her and said it is nobody’s dream to come to America only to be abused by an employer.

Nor is it right for Americans to have to suffer the consequences of those people being terminated from their job, or worse yet, injured, and us having to financially support them.

He has issued a call to everyone to report illegal aliens and the employers who hire them, and that his office will be watching them all, illegal alien and employer alike, “From dark to light.”.

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