Toledo police are looking for a man who grabbed $500 from a Sunoco gas station on Wednesday and although his face is never seen clearly on the surveillance video, he may be easier to locate than most criminals – all they have to do is check with local Emergency Rooms for a man recently treated for blunt object injury to his kidneys.

The tall black man wearing a grey sweatshirt and jeans is seen asking a very obviously pregnant female cashier to swipe an ATM card and then vaulting onto the counter when she opened the drawer.

He was able to corner the woman within seconds and, although there were several customers in store at the time they did not respond.

As it turned out, their help wasn’t needed as a female co-worker immediately came to her defense, pulling the assailant off the cashier as a male employee emerged from the back of the store.

While the cashier is seen calling 911, her coworkers wrestle the would-be robber to the floor, where he curls into a “turtle” position to protect himself as the female Sunoco staff member takes the fire extinguisher from the wall, lifts it over her head and brings it down across his lower back.


While customers still looked on in shock, the Sunoco team took care of their own until customer tried to come across the counter as if to come to the rescue of the robber.

It did not appear that the second man was involved in the robbery, but the distraction allowed the man to escape, along with $500 in cash.

As of Saturday night, the robber was wanted on charges of theft and assault, and it is a good guess he has not attempted any robberies in the past few days while recovering from the beat down he suffered at the hands of the Sunoco employees who didn’t take kindly to his attack on their coworker.


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