When was the last time you did not take a drug test for a job?  Probably never. Almost all jobs require you to drug test, urine and/or hair, before you are employed. Who wants to hire a drug addict? Not any reputable company. Drug addicts are the low-life, useless takers of society; from our pockets to their vein, up their nose, inhaled, etc. We should not have to pay for this!

So what can we do about this? Ohio plans to tackle this by denying druggies tax payer money for their habit. They will still provide welfare to the dependents of the addict, via a custodian of the money to ensure necessities are met.

Compound this with the addict being offered the opportunity to partake in tax payer funded drug treatment to get clean once and for all.

What do the derelict drug addicts think? They don’t like this plan. These career criminals (drug addiction is criminal-possession, purchase, sale, use) want our money.

Well guess what losers? Our money, our rules. You want our money get your butt out of the gutter, get clean, get a job, and start paying for other druggies’ welfare like the rest of us and maybe your tune will change.

It’s about damn time some government entity does what it is supposed to do and think of the rest of the citizenry, who pay their salaries in addition to everything else under the sun they manage to tax and fee us for.

h/t: Daily Signal

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