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It took less than 3-minutes for Whoopi Goldberg to go into her predicated scripted theatrics and use the dreaded “R” WORD, against front-runner Donald Trump.

The dust-up took place on “The View” as Dr. Ben Carson came under cross-examination by those loony hosts who love to gang up on their hapless victims with a barrage of misinformation, however this “hapless guest” was anything but “hapless” and his unflappable calm left the ladies deflated.

Whoopi Goldberg pounced on the former Republican presidential candidate’s backing of Trump. She tried to rile up Dr. Carson over her belief that Trump is a “racist,” but it just left her frustrated!

Whoppi even became animated pumping the air with her arms attempting to energize every word for dramatic effect, and then finally blurting out the one thing she thought would get him to reconsider his support …shouting he’s a “RACIEST!”

However not even the dreaded “R” word, which is used in almost every segment of “The View” could budge the unflappable Carson.

Throughout the segment each host attempted to get under the good doctor’s skin, however Carson kept his hallmark “low-key” and thought-provoking persona, going back to his main point for supporting Trump, in that America has reached critical mass, and only Trump has the tools to get us back on track.

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