European countries are facing the greatest threat against their sovereignty since WWII and Hitler. Millions of Muslims are emigrating from the Middle East and flooding European countries with new ideas, new cultures, and new threats.

Among those threats is, of course, an increased risk of terrorist attacks. Attacks in Paris, Brussels and Germany have brought to light the real threat that these European countries are dealing with each day. And they're trying desperately to come up with plans and ideas of how to stop terrorist attacks.

Among the many ideas put forward in the country of Greece is the motion to build a large, national mosque in Athens to try and pull Muslims from the shadows so they will worship in a large, public space.

Greece, of course, is a major stopping point for refugees on their way across the Mediterranean and on to other, richer European countries. Greek officials are worried that Muslims in their country are worshiping in "the dark and unofficial places of worship" that promote radicalization and terrorist acts.

While it may be true that building a mosque will allow moderate and peaceful Muslims the chance to worship in a secure, open environment, the thought that building a mosque will prevent radicalization is inane.

The moderate and peaceful Muslims who are now forced to worship outside of a mosque are going to stay moderate and peaceful and the ones who are attracted to radicalization are still going to be attracted to radical thoughts and ideas, no matter if Greece spends millions building a huge national mosque or not.

These are Greek officials, however, and Greece has not been making wise decisions as a country lately. "It is exactly because of the recent terrorist attacks that we have to move quickly to construct the mosque in Athens," said a Greek official.

Really, Greece? You think building a mosque for Muslims will prevent Muslims from attacking? Color me doubtful.

h/t: Daily Caller

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