In Kentucky a Muslim man sneaking around in the woods started to receive some serious attention from law enforcement and the local community. Unfortunately, this sneaking around and suspicious behaviors was only the beginning of the trouble that he would cause. Now that ATF found what he hid in the woods they've sounded the alarms and issued a massive warning.

It was a few weeks ago that Mark Sawaf was discovered doing something extremely dark and twisted in the woods. It has become known that the reason the Muslim man had been out in the woods wasn't just to go for a stroll.

The man had been setting up explosives and cameras, hoping to get any trail-goers with the booby traps.

He did in fact succeed in injuring one victim severely with his homemade explosive traps. Luckily, the FBI made sure to stop this right away and arrested the man immediately.


After raiding the house the FBI discovered a multitude of explosives and parts of trail cameras that had been used to create his explosive traps.

Officials then forced Sawaf to walk through the woods and lead them to the rest of the bombs that he had placed. Saway complied for a short time but then reportedly attempted to run. In the process Saway was shot and killed before he could get away and inflict any more damage.

Unfortunately the Muslim terrorist didn't show officials where all of the explosives were hidden before he was shot. This has now forced The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and Kentucky State Police Post 10 to issue a warning that there are many IEDs that have been found in Harlan County.

This means that anyone in the woods could potentially stumble upon one of the IEDs that officials were not able to find.

They explained that some explosives could be triggered if someone decides to put in new batteries into a trail camera. Other's were rigged with a trip wire for any unsuspecting victims.

The reason why the entire country doesn't know about this yet is because, like always, the liberal media has been trying to cover it up and keep it quiet for fear that people might discover the truth about this barbaric Muslim.

The left seems to be willing to lie to the end of the earth to protect Muslims and groups like the Black Lives Matter group. Is it because they have some sick twisted secret agenda or are they just too scared to report the truth about these violent and dangerous people?

Make sure to share and let us know what you think the left keeps censoring the truth.

Source: Mad World News


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