The city of Ferguson, Missouri has once again been thrust into the national spotlight as protesters gathered in response to another shooting that recently took place in the city.

The shooting reportedly took place as gunfire was exchanged between protesters and police became involved. When one of the protesters who had fired the shots turned and fired on the police a gunfight ensued which ended with one person critically injured.

In response, protesters in Ferguson have stepped up their demonstrations, closing down roads and staging demonstrations that continued late into Monday night. One group of protesters joined hands and used barricades to shut down a four lane portion of the I-70 highway, stalling traffic during rush hour.

More protesters gathered along streets in central Ferguson and threw frozen water bottles at police. Through all the demonstrations and protests approximately 80 people were arrested by police. Estimates of the crowds gathered Monday night put the number of protesters at around 150 with another 50 journalists and approximately 75 police officers gathered to keep the peace.

The father of Michael Brown, the teenager killed after robbing a small convenience store, took to Facebook to thank the protesters and urge them to be safe.

"My family and I are truly humbled by the level of support that we received over this weekend. . . . So please be careful."

What's unclear about this most recent bout of unrest in Ferguson is why this action has spurred such visible protests against the police. The police officers who shot a man were simply responding to reports of other shots being fired. When the police arrived they were fired upon.

We should be praising the police for responding to a dangerous situation and helping to keep the streets clear of dangerous people who will simply turn and fire on the police. Let's stop the protests and put that effort into something constructive, not destructive.

h/t: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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