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It’s one thing to witness on the nightly news young mindless thugs desecrating the American flag and perhaps some might even reason that these young “anarchists” are illegal aliens and have little love for their adoptive homeland and as such no sense of national pride.

However it’s quite another to have a public official and an American liken our national symbol to a murderous terrorist gang like ISIS, and yet that’s exactly what is taking place in Rhode Island.

Moreover this particular outrage is perhaps even more egregious than simply asking that  “Old Glory” not be displayed, in that Fred Gralinski of the Central Coventry Fire District actually dislikes the flag and apparently what it represents.

Referring to the flag and those who display it, Gralinski said at a recent board meeting,  “They look like a bunch of yahoos, like in the paper, like ISIS in Syria going to take over a city. I don’t think they need that big flag on the back of the truck. That’s not America to me. Those are a bunch of terrorists. So, I’m going to ask you to take the flag off that truck.”

Imagine a public official calling firefighters “a bunch of terrorist.” It’s simply unimaginable and yet true.

Of course after this issue went public, Gralinski apologized through a spokesman saying that he chose his words poorly… obviously this is someone who needs to be replaced, and quickly.

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