To hear the Black Lives Matter protesters and left media tell it, law enforcement officers wake up every morning, put on the blue and the badge and go out in search of opportunities to oppress and abuse the public.

Those holding those beliefs will be disappointed to learn that for a young widow and her 4-year-old daughter, men in blue will forever be regarded as heroes who restored a shattered family’s faith in people.

Samantha Sietz lost her father three years ago when he died of a brain aneurysm; he would have been 46 on Saturday, the day she was celebrating her own birthday with a trip to the Staten Island Children’s Museum.

Her mother, Kim, and the rest of the family loaded up “Sammi’s” presents and stopped by at the local Perkins Restaurant for dinner on the way home, but when they walked to the parking lot to leave, they discovered the windows of their minivan had been broken and thieves had stolen all of the birthday girl’s gifts.

When officers Michael McAvoy and Frank Callaghan responded to the police call and took down a report, Sammi asked if they would find her presents. The officers could only say they would “see what they could do,” according to Kim.

Knowing from experience that an investigation was futile and that they would not be recovered, the officers took matters into their own hands and went on a birthday shopping spree, arriving at Kim and Sammi’s home the next day with dozens of wrapped presents.

Kim Sietz says her happy child told her, “Look, Momma, they found my presents.”

While Sammi may never know that the kind-hearted cops didn’t actually “find” her birthday gifts, her mother says the officers, “were sent to me to restore my faith, that there are some thoughtful people in the world and they outnumber the bad,” adding that Callaghan and McAvoy gave the family a gift they'll “never forget.”

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