A New Orleans police officer, James Bennett, Jr., was killed while on patrol in a housing development. Bennett was shot and killed while in his police car. While there haven't been any arrests yet in conjunction with the murder, Bennett's fellow officers say that they will catch the "coward" who killed their friend.

Described by his brother as someone who "always saw a brighter side" to the tough city atmosphere of New Orleans, Bennett was another example of a good, faithful police officer who was killed in the line of duty for simply being a cop.

While highly publicized cases involving race and supposed police brutality like Ferguson, Missouri and Freddie Gray draw the eyes of the public to what seems like a darker side of the police, it's rapidly becoming clear that liberal media coverage is working against America's upholders of the law.

What's most worrisome, however, is that Bennett's death isn't the first. Several months ago, two New York police officers were also shot and killed, simply because they were cops. What is this country coming to?

When will the liberal media stop demonizing police generally and keep their reporting to the facts of each situation? By blaming all police officers and the institution itself, liberal media is doing its best to erode and destroy American society.

If we can't trust the police, who can we trust? The media? The government?

Media and government, excluding local government, aren't members of our communities. They look for the large, flash-bang stories that can provoke citizens into outrage and violence. That's because the media, especially, needs news stories to keep in business. It makes sense that they'd want to contribute to the fire burning so they can keep talking about the terrible flames. It's time to stop and support our law officers. End of story.

h/t: Eagle Rising


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