Police officers have been under fire in recent months from a slew of videos and articles that show officers making what appear to be bad decisions and showing racist and violent tendencies. We forget, however, that the police officers that become YouTube sensations for their wrong actions are the minority in a group of men and women who work hard to keep America safe.

Nowhere is this more evident than in North Little Rock, Arkansas, where a police officer saw some children alone in front of their house. Instead of calling Child Services, making a fuss, or bringing hatred upon himself, Officer Tommy Norman instead sat down and gave each of the four kids a bag of potato chips and a soda.

Norman then shared a picture of his experience on Facebook--it's since gone viral.


Norman contests that having the relationship that he has with the citizens of North Little Rock takes time and hard work, but looking at the picture it's clear that he knows it's all been worth it.

His reputation has even helped him solve some crimes that have been committed in his area. Norman was looking for a murder suspect when the suspect surprisingly turned himself in to Norman because he knew of Norman's rock-solid reputation.

After winning an award for being an "All-Star" on the popular TV show "America's Most Wanted," Norman didn't take the $10,000 and buy a boat or a new car. Instead, he gave it back to the community.

For members of the media or protesters who have joined with the Black Lives Matter movement Officer Norman's life and example don't fit into the narrative of evil, violent cops patrolling the street and damaging lives. Instead, his selfless service has made the community of North Little Rock a better place for families and individuals of all races.

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h/t: Conservative Tribune

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