The sleazy and sordid rape case against NBA player Derrick Rose turned suddenly tragic when the investigating detective was found dead of what police are calling an “apparent” suicide pending a final determination.

A senior police official told the Los Angeles Times that it is still “unclear if it was a suicide or homicide.”

Los Angeles Police Department Detective Nadine Hernandez died in a Whittier, California hospital shortly after police responded to a 911 emergency call placed by a family member.

Police were unable confirm whether the gun recovered at the scene was Detective Hernandez’s service weapon, but Officer Hugo Figueroa said they “did find information that would lead them to believe that this was a suicide and not a homicide,” although there was no sign of foul play.

Hernandez, who was a member of the Robbery-Homicide Division Special Assault Section of the Los Angeles Police Department, was investigating rape allegations made in a federal civil suit for $21 million filed by a “Jane Doe” against Rose, his manager, and a former NBA player stemming from an evening of group sex.

The made-for-tabloids case that has heard the three testify candidly about what they claim was consensual sex, “Doe’s” friends come forward calling her a “pathological liar,” and loud exchanges between defense counsel and witnesses who may have been paid for their testimony.

Although police are treating the death as a suicide at the moment, questions about the timing of the suicide have raised suspicions.

In late September, Hernandez confirmed the existence of the investigation in a letter to “Doe’s” attorney, and expressed support for the plaintiff’s desire to remain anonymous after the presiding judge in the civil case ruled “Doe” would be required to give up use her real trial.

“The ability to offer anonymity to victims of sex crimes is an invaluable investigative aid to investigators as well as a great comfort to victims of crimes of such a sensitive nature,” Hernandez wrote.

Hernandez was married and had three children; had been with LAPD 19 years.

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