Less than 24-hours after a militant black sniper opened fire on Dallas police at a peaceful march in the downtown area, officers in three states were targeted with gunfire, including an instance of a bogus 911 drawing an officer into an ambush.

Authorities have been careful not to ascribe a motive for the shootings, presumably to avoid further inflaming an already incendiary situation across the country following two police shootings earlier in the week in Louisiana and Minnesota.

An officer responding to a false report of a damaged vehicle in the south Georgia city of Valdosta returned fire when he was shot; both men are expected to survive.

In St. Louis, an officer is in critical, but stable condition after he was shot in by a passing motorist in traffic, while in a nearby suburban area, another officer sustained three gunshot wounds as he was returning to his cruiser following a routine traffic stop.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is questioning the man who fired on an officer just hours before the Dallas protest ended in chaos under sniper fire, because he claimed he was “frustrated” by the police incidents in Louisiana and Minnesota.

Black Lives Matter called for nationwide protests after video of two shooting deaths of black men by police hit social media.

The aftermath of the shooting in Minnesota was livestreamed on Facebook as the victim’s girlfriend calmly reported on the situation as her boyfriend lie next to her bleeding to death. Her 4-year-old child was in the back seat, but the woman continued to video the scene without interruption.

Protests on Thursday night were largely peaceful, with only property damage in Oakland, but while cable news cameras focused on the march that closed down Fifth Avenue in New York, the lone sniper in Dallas threw the march into chaos bringing down 12 people, killing five officers in a matter of minutes.

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