There are a few people in the United States right now who deserve to be memorialized as heroes for future generations. Police officer Jesse Hartnett is one of those people.

Hartnett is the officer who, several months ago in January, was shot by an ISIS supporter here in the United States while sitting in his patrol car. Hartnett was on patrol in West Philadelphia when the ISIS terrorist simply walked up to him in his patrol car and shot him 3 times at close range.

Hartnett, however, wasn't finished protecting the people of this country from other lone wolf terrorists.

Bleeding from his three gunshot wounds, Hartnett managed to radio the situation in to his office, and then chase down the terrorist and shoot him in the rear.

Hartnett recently came back into the public's eye when he threw out the first pitch of a Phillies game. The pitch was even more momentous than that, however, because he then turned around after throwing from the mound and dropped to one knee in front of his girlfriend and a stadium of baseball fans.

Hartnett proposed to his girlfriend, Lily Abdullins, and she said yes.

Was there ever any doubt?

"He’s been through a lot this year. He’s a true hero. And now, not only is he a hero to the department and the community, he’s also a hero to his fiancee," said a Police Lodge spokesperson.

The ISIS supporter who Hartnett chased down and shot, Edward Archer, is currently awaiting trial for attempted murder.

With movements like Black Lives Matter poking holes in the reputation of police officers everywhere, it's important for Americans everywhere to see Hartnett and know the caliber of men and women out there protecting us each and every day.

These police officers are modern day heroes. And we should treat them that way.


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