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There’s a popular misconception that simply because a website slaps “fact checker” on it’s masthead that it’s actually stating factual and truthful information, nothing can be further from the truth.

And of course emphasizing that very point is the popular myth-busting website Snopes, which apparently was caught with its biases exposed, or perhaps more to the point the author and fact checker describing herself as a liberal, while actually referencing Republicans as “regressive.”

No doubt some fact checking websites are better than others when it come to being accurate, however in all honesty if you’re a critical thinking and honest individual then you’ve already surmised “we all” come to the table with certain biases.

However the dilemma for Snopes is their political fact checker and writer Kim Lacapria who apparently is little too obvious in her support for everything liberal, however more problematic is her past writing credentials, and working for a website called Inquisitr, known for publishing inaccurate articles and phony quotes.

Obviously I’m especially sensitive to what Lacapria writes, in that there’s a fundamental difference in writing political commentary based on you’re particular political point of view and someone who promotes herself as being a “fact checker.”

When clearly she isn’t, even going to the extent of accusing President Bush of being “at least guilty of criminal negligence” in the September 11 attacks, and proudly describing herself as “openly left-leaning.”

Do you think Snopes "fact" checking has a serious liberal slant to it?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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