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Most of us would like to believe that this hateful Muslim woman is an anomaly, the exception to the rule.

However the longer you listen to her the more convinced one becomes that she isn’t that deranged lone wolf that the mainstream media likes to project, and if anything the only anomaly is her brazen frankness to what no doubt many Muslims keep hidden inside, a profound hatred for America.

The 18-minute video was captured by Tony Vera who hosts a social news site and happened to come across this burka clad Muslim woman as she was about to enter LAX Airport, and decided to go into a hate filled and profane gesturing rant about America, and her desire to bomb the country, and basically cleanse the world of infidels.

In one exchange with Vera she proclaims: “there are evil people in the world, and there are those who don’t want to accept it (Islam).”

In yet another exchange she says “f**k America,” and then casually threatens to bomb those that do not accept Islam.

These exchanges seem quite bizarre in that she's not shouting or yelling simply stating what she believes is inevitable and referencing those that do not conform namely gays, and lesbians who must be killed, even threatening Donald Trump.

Eventually she caught the attention of the authorities and was finally arrested, now the FBI is involved, let’s all hope they don’t drop the ball, and let her go, as they did in Orlando.



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