Anti-Islamic activist, Pamela Geller, told Breitbart that President Barack Obama's U.S. Department of Agriculture is refusing to label Halal meats as Halal. They have refused to listen to the petition that has been signed demanding that the meats be separated labeled because of concerns over the ritualistic slaughter of these animals.

Despite what many Muslims may think this is in fact not Islamophobia. The method used to slaughter the animals to make halal meat is more painful to the animals and many consumers may have moral and ethical issues purchasing this type of meat.

Kosher meat, which is also slaughtered and butchered in a ritualistic manner is labeled as such so that consumers are fully aware.

"As many Americans do not, for a variety of reasons, wish to eat halal meat, back in February 2012, my organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, filed a citizen petition with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, asking that a regulation be enacted to ensure that all halal food be clearly labeled as halal," said Gellar in a piece.

"In April 2012, we agreed not to publicize our petition in order to give the agency some space to review the document without any pressure from the public."

"On May 11, 2012, we had a face-to-face meeting in the USDA offices with top FSIS officials. We discussed this petition and the need for halal meat to be clearly labeled. Present at this meeting was Dan Engeljohn, a longtime USDA official who is now assistant administrator for the Office of Policy and Program Development in the FSIS. This position makes him responsible for FSIS regulations," Gellar went on to say.

"Engeljohn and company have now had four years to rule on our petition. They’ve done absolutely nothing."

This halal method and labeling will affect a lot more of the meat you may eat than you think. In fact, one very popular Thanksgiving meat is very possibly killed in a halal manner.

"(I)n November 2011, I penned an article that caused a firestorm across the political spectrum, revealing that Butterball turkeys were all halal, but were not labeled as such," continued Gellar. "Heads exploded on the left — not over Butterball’s deception, but over my having the audacity to reveal it."

Gellar made sure to be clear that this was not Islamophobia but rather an issue of consumers being informed properly.

"This is strictly a false labeling and consumer choice issue. Religious people — Jews, Muslims, and others — should have the freedom to have meat and poultry products produced in a way that meets their needs," wrote Gellar. "Conversely, consumers who don’t wish to consume ritually slaughtered products have a right to sufficient labeling information."

"Under the current system, ritually slaughtered meat and poultry is not sufficiently labeled for consumers to be able to choose exactly what they want. Labeling can be misleading and untruthful in what it does not say if key facts are omitted. Consumers should have the ability to be able to choose for themselves if they want to eat ritually slaughtered products."

Americans deserve to know the truth about where their meat comes from and how it is killed, especially when the animals are killed in such a brutal and cruel manner. Many people would be absolutely outraged to learn that they had fed their families meat that had been prepared in such a cruel manner.

This is just another example of Sharia law taking over our country and making us bow down to it's insane rules.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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