“Opulent, excessive, extreme” seems to be the general consciences among rational and reasoned individuals when discussing the elaborate Obama vacations that seem to take place on average every few months, and whether it’s a full-blown vacation abroad with hundreds of staff tagging along or a weekend getaway. The one thing the Obama’s do and do well is…” party and all on the taxpayer dime.

And while it’s almost impossible to get an accurate dollar figure on the total number of vacations and the dollars spent, there are some dollar figures that we can get a handle on. For example, the president and his family have spent almost every summer since his election on Martha’s Vineyard in Cape Cod, at a luxurious $12-million dollar Chilmark cottage which features seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a basketball and tennis court, hot tub, infinity pool and views of the Elizabeth Islands, and while a 12-million price tag may seem excessive for a two-week vacation, however nothing compares to Michelle’s recent vacations.

For example, Michelle’s two day mini-vacation with her daughters to Ireland cost the taxpayer almost $8-million dollars. And in 2014 the First Lady traveled to China with her mother and daughters staying at perhaps one of the most expensive hotels “Beijing’s Western Hotel, costing the taxpayer almost $9,000 per night, and apparently off-limits to the Vice President because it was deemed “too expensive”.

By one accounting estimate the Obama’s as of last July have spent more than $45-million dollars of taxpayer money traveling to 31-international destinations lasting a total of 119-days.

Obviously the Obama’s are making the most of their time in the White House and are now by far and away the most traveled and extravagant vacationing pair to ever occupy the White House, and quite an accomplishment for a community organizer and a wife who apparently was “never proud of her country” until she started living on the taxpayer dime, perhaps that what they meant when they spoke about “hope and change”.

Here is a clip of the White House defending Obama's golf outings last summer as the Foley beheading was unfolding... NICE TRY.



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