President Obama hasn't wowed anyone with his foreign policy decisions and experience. Whether or not you like or support the president shouldn't get in the way of objectively assessing his decisions when it comes to the international stage--and those decisions have recently taken a turn for the worse.

Last week Russia announced that it was going to be taking an active role in the war in Syria between Assad, Syrian rebels, and ISIS. President Obama, however, seems completely out of the loop when it comes to Russian intentions and admitted as much when he hurried to schedule meetings with Russia about their intentions and future actions.

"We’re not going to make Syria into a proxy war between the United States and Russia," said the president, right before jumping into meetings trying to understand what Putin and his Kremlin cronies were planning. "This is not some superpower chessboard contest," he continued.

Au contraire, Mr. President.

Not only did Russia spring its involvement in the Syrian war last minute on the United States, but Russia is also actively seeking to undermine the U.S.'s presence in the area. News has broken that the rebel groups being targeted by Russian airstrikes are groups that are being supported by the CIA. Also of interest is the fact that Russia is bringing anti-aircraft guns and munitions into the area--though ISIS and the rebel parties involved have no aircraft capabilities.

The United States flies aircraft in the area, though, and it's becoming more and more clear that Obama has no idea what Russia is planning or how to react to their aggressive stance.

Unfortunately the situation is highlighting Obama's lack of understanding when it comes to foreign policy. If the man who called ISIS the "JV team," (now the most well-funded terrorist organization in history) can't recognize that things aren't going to be happy-go-lucky with Russia, perhaps we need to rethink having him lead our military and its involvement in the Middle East.

h/t: Patriot Post

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