It turns out that the president is no different from most people who are leaving a job in a few weeks – he is using his accumulated sick leave and vacation days before his final day in the office.

Unlike most of us, however, Obama will be able to put the bill for his final vacation on someone else’s tab – ours.

With only five weeks left in his term, the president will once again be taking the family to Hawaii for Christmas vacation.

This year, the Obamas will be in Hawaii from December 16 through January 3, 2017 when they will return to the White House and begin packing to move out on January 20th when Donald Trump moves in.

This year, the vacation will be especially sweet as the First Family leaves behind a winter advisory for sleet and freezing rain in the capital as the contiguous 48 states head into record-breaking cold for the week before Christmas.

While no one begrudges any president what must be a much-needed vacation for the man who holds most stressful job in the world, the sheer scope of the Obama’s annual Hawaiian vacations has raised concerns about the massive expense over the past eight years.

The cost of flying Air Force One nearly 5,000 miles is the least consideration when computing the transportation and housing needs of dozens of staff members, limousines and security necessary for a trip of this kind.

According to documents released pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request, the total bill to taxpayers for the Obama family’s annual Hawaiian vacation was $4,823,206.88 in 2015 alone.

President George W. Bush and his family spent Christmas at the presidential retreat at Camp David, Maryland just 62 miles from Washington D.C. to allow staff and secret service agents to enjoy the holidays with their families.

Air Force One is not used to fly to Camp David, which is accessed by the President’s Marine One helicopter and car.

Ken Walsh, chief White House correspondent for U.S. News &World Report says that President Obama has not “taken to the rural setting because he considers himself more of a young urban guy.”

Mr. Obama lived with his mother’s parents in Honolulu from the time he was ten-years-old through high school and has fond memories of growing up there, enjoying golf, visiting with friends and dining at top-rated restaurants.

The Obamas have not announced where they intend to spend Christmas 2017.

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