It is no back room secret that President Obama loves his golf, more than most anything else, though no one can say for certain if that includes his own family. He has golfed around 181 times as of July, 2014. This is rivaled only by his obsessive desire to campaign, which he managed to run off to do during many major terrorist attacks. Well, one such golf outing, has finally attracted the ire of the majority of media.

According to US News, President Obama spent his Valentine's Day golfing in two different places. He golfed in Hawaii with three unnamed child friends, and also with billionaire Larry Ellis, who is the CEO if Oracle. Of course, President Obama can't just go down to Joe Shmo's open range, or take up some put-put mini golf with the family. That would probably be beneath his highness.

The Telegraph reported that They did, in fact, tweet Valentine's wishes and a White House photo. Bill and Hilary Clinton, presumably keeping up appearances for 2016, did something on Twitter too.

So, besides the business as usual Golfer-In-Chief related nonsense, this would seem like a non-story. However, if you think that, then it further proves why this sickening holiday golf outing is all the more despicable. Kayla Mueller, a Christian American aid worker, was murdered by ISIS shortly before the Hallmark created holiday for lovers.

If you are thinking that no one noticed, and no one was livid, surprisingly you would be wrong. CBS's Bob Schieffer actually laid down a harsh critique and comparison of King Obama versus King Abdullah II of Jordan, according to Breitbart News. The US Herald reported on King Abdullah's blistering response to the ISIS burning of a captured Jordanian pilot.

“And I will preface this by saying I certainly don’t want to see the president of the United States put on a military uniform. No president of the United States has ever put on a military uniform, and there is a reason for that, and we all want to keep it that way, as far as I know. But after that Jordanian pilot was killed in that horrible way, here you saw the king put on his fatigues, he executes two prisoners that they were holding in Jordan and launched bombing raids. We have another American hostage killed and congress,  and the president, the president goes off to California to do a fundraiser and some other stuff, and the congress goes on vacation and they say, yeah, we will debate what to do about all of this. But we are going to do it as long as it fits into the schedule. There is no reason to do anything out of the ordinary.”

Ouch. Coming from a leftist Mainstream Media outlet, that probably caused his golf game to have a case of the "Shanks", as Tin Cup might put it.

Perhaps, just like President Obama can not acknowledge the 40+ recently murdered  Egyptian Christians were in fact Christians, that is why he refused to recognize Ms. Mueller. A Washington Post OpEd recounted the life of Kayla Mueller.

"She joined the campus Christian ministry at Northern Arizona University and plunged into social action: She volunteered nights at a women’s shelter, protested genocide in Darfur and started a chapter of Amnesty International. She volunteered at a summer camp for young African refugees in Israel, and she went to Israel’s occupied territories to show support for the Palestinians. She protested torture in Guantanamo Bay, and she went on a humanitarian mission to Guatemala. In India, she taught English to Tibetan refugees and to poor women and children."

It is ironic because it would appear Mueller agreed with the President on a few things, so you would think the president would find a way to recognize her.

Then again, considering he refused to recognize Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle when he was murder, perhaps he so wishes to ignore the terror and strife in the world that Americans slaughtered abroad get lost in translation. It sounds harsh, but an empty chair does not tend to defend itself. That is no different from a President who seems too busy with his personal life to recognize brave Americans.

What are your thoughts?

Should the President have put his vacation on hold to, one of this favorite things to do, give a speech and recognize Kayla Mueller?

Leave your thoughts.


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