It is always a treat to watch President Obama make a speech. It is full soaring rhetoric, massive platitudes, and enough crap to fertilize all the farms in the U.S. The president tends to operate in a "reality distortion field". It was a term given to Steve Jobs, at Apple's eponymous product launch events. The idea behind it was that Jobs would have such a hypnotic way of explaining or presenting the Apple software and hardware, that everyone would be brainwashed into buying them, after being caught up in the distortion field. Barack Obama uses his to sell the American people a bill of goods.

President Obama, and his reality distortion field, spoke of turning pages and making breakthroughs. Yet, the economy still has not really turned around. Deficits are down(Keep in mind he said “deficits”, not “debt”). I suppose the transition from under $10 trillion to over $18 trillion is a turn somewhere, but turn around is not that location. What looks good is temporary. Terrorism is exploding throughout the globe, either spilling into various countries or ramping up in the ones it was already in.

We have seen the rise of ISIS(or ISIL), and attacks like the Fort Hood shooting and Boston bombing. He did use “terror” or “terrorism” for a combined 18 times though. He did caution restraint to Europe, and France specifically. We know all the Rambo-like behavior that they are usually up to. They need to be roped in.

He claims that our military is not the only means of achieving our goals and boasting about the draw down of troops, yet according to the Washington Times, at the end of 2014 we sent more to Afghanistan. According to Fox News, we sent more to Iraq.

He took a few paragraphs worth of rhetoric to say how great Iraq and Afghanistan are, as they are presently collapsing in on themselves. We continue having a convoluted message of what we are doing there under President Obama, and are constantly changing the rules of engagement that have threatened U.S soldiers lives, the Daily Caller has reported on.

Michael Gerson, writing an opinion piece for the Washington Post, explained President Obama's opinion on the State of Terrorism 2015 quite well. He said the president “can't wish it away”. If Barack Obama's working title was “Wishing it all away”, no one should be surprised.

All of these things fall back on the same narrative, an amateurish politician who was put in charge of an office that required more leadership than he had the experience to handle. The amateurish experiential side has grown the debt, and expanded terrorism. The politician side just gives us the rhetorical dirty mop that is used to swoosh the dirty water all over the floor to make it look like you're doing something. You do not need to include all the lies, because in the information age, anyone has the ability to 'Google' the remaining facts. Unfortunately for the president's mopping, the more you use that dirty water, the less believable the work you're doing becomes.


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