Those executive orders are coming fast and furious, from ending the blight of sanctuary cities which have claimed countless lives, and restricting un-vetted refugees from entering our country, to reclaiming our welfare system, specifically those illegal aliens who come to America with one goal, to attach themselves like parasites feeding off the host, and sucking whatever they can from our welfare generous system.

Certainly, no one disputes that those individuals “truly in need” should receive welfare benefits according to their needs, however within the last 8-years under the Obama Administration, we’ve witnessed a coordinated effort by the chief progressive architect to purposely grow the entitlement state, for political expediency and nothing more.

“Astoundingly” welfare spending under the Obama era jumped to 32% in 2014, and has continually risen ever since with no end in sight, until the election this November of Donald Trump, who is changing the entire system, and those days of simply giving out goodies without proper documentation has come to a screeching halt

According to the Conservative Tribune, refugees attempting to enter the United States must be vetted before attempting to enter the country and must outline their individual needs and expectations for government aid. The new decree explains in detail individual seeking entry must be screened to determine their “need for certain types of public aid.”

Moreover, those refugees that are already in the system under the Obama Administration will be reevaluated and if found that they’ve misled or used the system in any inappropriate way, they will be deported.

One issue apparently being uncovered by the Trump Administration, are those refugees coming into the country with an understanding that their financial needs will be taken care of by their families already in the country, however, once they go through the immigration process, they apply for government assistance and all the programs the can get.

The scam, of course, is to maximize welfare benefits already being claimed by the family, which is actually a form of double dipping, and also a fraud.

President Trump’s new executive order would hold those families that promised to provide financial support for those family members entering the country will now be held accountable

Source: Washington Post

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