It seems that there is nothing liberals won't try to control or regulate in America these days. Whether it's school lunches, guns, or the facts that our children learn in their classrooms, government in America is on a rampage of control.

The latest target of that control is something that probably sits on your kitchen table every night--salt.

Under Obama's Administration, the Food and Drug Administration is attempting to limit the amount of salt that companies can put in food items that are sold to the public. "It remains a priority and will come out this year," said an FDA official about the sodium regulations.

This regulation comes in the face of government-sponsored research that shows that high levels of sodium can be detrimental to a person's health. The only problem with the research, though, is that it can't even keep its own recommendations straight.

In the government reports there are three different levels of sodium in food that are reportedly bad for health, 3,000, 2,300, and 1,500 milligrams of sodium. The government recommends that people keep consumption levels below all three amounts, which doesn't make any sense at all.

The kicker is the fact that the Obama Administration doesn't want to run into another kerfuffle like it did when it tried to mandate coal power plant emissions. Instead of mandating that industry producers must meet certain sodium criteria, Obama wants his salt regulations to be adopted "voluntarily."

But industry officials say there is no chance of that, especially because the government research cited in the regulation is out-dated, not to mention inaccurate.

"The science that would be the basis for the new sodium targets is outdated and something of this magnitude and long-term impact should also include more current research," said a representative of the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

Obama, it's time to bow out and let someone new take over who doesn't want to reach the federal government into every single aspect of American's lives. Salt consumption isn't what our government should be worried about right now. There are far more pressing matters deserving their concern.

h/t: WND

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