Never underestimate what motivates this president to do the things he does, and what motivates him is his unabashed desire to use the emotional and tragic issue of terrorists kidnappings as another political talking point, and further damaging America’s credibility on the “war on terrorism.”

Obviously no true patriot wants to see an American any American held hostage by these barbarians, however to cloak your message under the guise of supporting families who’s loved ones are being held hostage should have “always” been a top priority of this administration, and the fact that he needs to speak on this subject speaks volumes of this presidents insensitivity and lack of empathy in announcing a new executive order and presidential directive allowing U.S. government authorities to engage in hostage negotiations with terror groups.

In unveiling and making “public” this multi-page directive with two dozen policies, which of course also announces publicly to the enemy, what we will and will not do, to retrieve our people. And his incredible statement; “Many of the families told us they felt like an after-thought or a distraction, that ends today. These families are to be treated like what they are, our trusted partners and our active partners.”

Obviously common decency towards those who are suffering most should have been “a given” for any human being, let alone the President of the United Sates, and his new-found compassion seems more in line with distracting the public with more symbolism over substance.

Moreover what seems even more bizarre in the actual public announcement is that nothing of substance  has actually changed; “We are reaffirming the U.S. government will not make concessions, such as paying ransoms, to terror groups holding hostages … [which] risks endangering more Americans. At the same time, we are clarifying our policy does not prevent communication with our hostage takers.”

However, the fact that we’ve “publicly announced another profitable revenue stream for terrorists going after family members to pay ransom, and of course risking  a lot more kidnappings of Americans, should worry us all!



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