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Once again the Obama Justice Department is at it again, however while many reasoned individuals on both sides of the political aisle perhaps welcome a substantive dialog dealing with reforms within the criminal justice system, this administration has already demonstrated through its countless lawless acts that the Justice Department is no longer an independent law enforcement agency as mandated by the CONSTITUTION, but rather a political enforcement tool of the Obama Administration, therefore any discussion of reforms within the Justice System should be viewed with a high degree of skepticism.

This latest Obama move suggesting that holding defendants in jail that can’t make bail is “unconstitutional” is simply the latest in a long series of Obama “con-jobs,” of using the Constitution when it suits him, and ignoring it when it doesn’t.

In a recent court brief the Obama Justice Department cited: "Bail practices that incarcerate indigent individuals before trial solely because of their inability to pay for their release violate the Fourteenth Amendment."

Obama’s Justice Department’s civil rights lawyers contend within the court brief that the court should consider alternate ways of insuring that a defendant appear in court, stating:

"Fixed bail schedules that allow for the pretrial release of only those who can pay, without accounting for the ability to pay," the government said, "unlawfully discriminate based on indigence."

It’s the administration’s dubious history that negates any substantive debate, in that this administration through it’s reckless policies has already jeopardized the lives of it’s citizens, and simply cannot be trusted, from allowing sanctuary cities to releasing terrorists back into a civil society.

Can Obama and the Justice Department expect to be taken seriously after all they've done to violate the constitution?

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