The investigation of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's private email server has been all over the place. Some disturbing news has recently come out though: key Clinton aides have been granted immunity from prosecution in return for cooperating with the investigation.

News has come out that Cheryl Mills, a longtime Clinton aide, and Heather Samuelson, also a Clinton aide, have been granted prosecutorial immunity in Clinton's case. Apparently the immunity deal was reached after Mills agreed to comply with an FBI order to hand over her personal laptop to have the computer searched for confidential documents or information.

It's almost as if these Clinton aides had some kind of power to wield over the FBI investigators who were digging through the Clinton case. If they hadn't had some kind of bargaining position, why didn't the FBI simply subpoena them and make them deliver up the laptop without coming to a deal?

Mills is clearly sitting on hot information if she's only been willing to talk to the FBI after they granted her immunity. But the question is, what has she turned over to the FBI in return for that immunity?

The case gets stranger, however, because both Mills and Samuelson are not only Clinton's aides, but they're also her legal representation in the lawsuit that is ongoing. Both of the lawyer-aides are representing Clinton while under investigation by the FBI for wrongdoing. Something doesn't seem right about that situation.

Mills and Samuelson's computers stored over 60,000 emails, many of which likely contained the same classified information that was present on Clinton's private, unsecured server. The FBI is likely looking through those emails and trying to determine if Clinton had any emails on her private server that were irrecoverable. If they do find classified information, it'll simply be another nail in Clinton's coffin.

h/t: National Review

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