Let’s think about this Iran nuclear deal. A mugger stops you on the street, but before he goes about his business you hold up your hand, and say “Just a minute.” While mugger looks at you, bemused, you take out your gun. You know the one. The gun that normally you would use to defend yourself. You chamber a round, point it at your own head, and say “Okay, go for it. Just remember to release the safety.”

That is suicide. That is pretty much the gist of the whole let’s -arm-the-enemy-that-wants-to-kill-us deal going down with Iran. Almost every person you meet on the street is not keen on the idea of giving weapons and ammunition to a group of people who tell you, and the rest of the world, that they plan to kill you.

To lead this country, means to put the country first, ahead of all else.

Jim Webb, former Senator (D-VI), says this is how leadership ought to work, and he’s right. Webb has jumped into the 2016 presidential race and is off to an interesting start. He opposes the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also known as giving nuke playthings to Iran. Webb is also coming to the defense of Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) who has become the newest pariah to those on his side of the aisle because he, too, is opposed to this notion of handing nukes to the Iranians. He is risking his becoming the next party leader in the senate. While you may not be fond of Schumer, you have to admire his demonstration of leadership on this topic, thus far. For all of his narcissism, he is setting it aside and putting the country first. The newest to join hands with those opposed is Representative, Alcee Hastings (D-FL).  Clearly, even those on the left think this is a bad idea.

What does our fearless leader do with this input? He calls out those opposed to his obsessive need to arm Iran and compares them to their Revolutionary Guard. The guys who take their orders from the man (Rouhani), that Obama is trying to cut a deal with. Obama is not putting the USA first. Never has.

To those against this deal, keep speaking out, regardless of party affiliation. Someone has to lead this country, because we certainly don’t have a President willing to do so.

h/t: CNS News

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