It would appear that the biggest threat to our national security is the continued distraction by both the mainstream media and those loony Democrats attempting to discredit the president with the sustained hoax of a “Russian connection” while North Korea and Iran continue their journey towards becoming a nuclear aggressor.

This latest incident of Iran preparing to launch into space 2-new satellites has all the characteristics of a well-planed cover-up of something a lot more nefarious, perhaps a test firing of an advanced intercontinental ballistic missile.

That assessment among U.S. national security insiders suggests that Iran may have developed the technology that could be used as part of its nuclear program.

U.S. officials tell the Washington Free Beacon that this latest announcement by Iran comes in the midst of President Trump’s comprehensive review of the Iran nuclear agreement, and by assuring the people who America will "meet the challenges Iran poses with clarity and conviction."

The issue and the reason for U.S. concern is that the expertise needed to launch satellites into space is similar to that of an intercontinental ballistic missile, which could potentially reach the homeland.

Moreover, while America is distracted with “fake news” and delusional attempts to discredit the Trump Administration, this would be the perfect opportunity for Iran and North Korea to trade on the black market illicit missile technology. However, unlike the previous occupant of the Oval Office, U.S. officials and national security experts have been paying close attention to these two despots.

Iranian Communications and Information Technology Minister Mahmoud Vaezi was quoted on Monday saying; "Now, we have two ready-to-launch satellites; one of them is Amir Kabir sensing satellite and another one is Nahid telecommunication satellite and over 97 percent of preparation works have been carried out on them,"

Michael Rubin, a former Pentagon adviser and expert on rogue regimes spoke out about the Iranian attempt: "That Iran uses its satellite program as cover for ballistic missile development is no secret although, quite realistically, since John Kerry loosened restrictions on Iran's ballistic missile program, they don't need to hide quite so much."

Rubin continued. "The key thing to recognize is that we're no longer talking about just Iran's capability."

Do you think Obama has put the United States into a very weak and dangerous position with Iran and their nuclear weapon ambitions?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

h/t: Free Beacon

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