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The holidays are upon us and everyone, including the President, is headed home for a relaxing break. However, that relaxing break that President Obama has been planning for months is set to hurt taxpayers outrageously.

President Obama, Michelle, the Obama's two daughters, and the family dogs, are all set to fly to Hawaii for a Christmas vacation. This isn't a unique jaunt for the presidential family, however, they've flown to vacation in Hawaii for the past 8 years.

But seeing the commander in chief take a relaxing, tropical holiday isn't the hardest part for taxpayers to swallow. It's the massive price tag that the Obamas incur every time they embark on their island adventures.

Folks at Judicial Watch have carefully calculated the costs of flying the presidential Air Force One to Hawaii and back and the flight-time alone will cost taxpayers $3.5 million at an hourly cost of $206,000.

Though friends cough up the cost of the Obamas expensive villa on the island of Oahu where they typically reside for 2 weeks, taxpayers are forced to cover the overtime costs of police officers in the local area, the security detail that accompanies the president, and even the costs of flying the presidential helicopter and limousine over to Hawaii.

If that seems outrageous, don't blink yet. The president also requires that a special detachment of Marines accompany him to Hawaii and a no-fly zone is put in place while he's in the Oahu vicinity.

President Obama has obviously fallen in love with the luxury he's able to afford on the taxpayers' dime. Unfortunately, he's not doing his part in bolstering up the economy or increasing jobs by any amount that would come close to Americans seeing fit to grant him such a luxurious vacation.

The rest of America is still tightening the belt and pulling through, Mr. President. It's time you did the same.

h/t: 100 Percent Fed Up


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