What’s in a photo? Depending on the imagery perhaps nothing or perhaps everything, and while a photo can only chronicle a brief moment in time, it may also give us other clues, and that’s exactly what has taken place with Obama’s half-brother Malik.

Aside from his known links to extremely sketchy characters like Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir and is apparent association with the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO), an entity of the Sudanese Government, which is considered by the U.S. State Department to be a terrorist state. However what caught the eye of a few astute observers was a recent photo of Malik posted on the Barack H. Obama Foundation website, which raised more the a few eyebrows. The photo shows Malik (center) in traditional Muslim dress wearing a Hamas scarf (keffiyeh) that bears a well-known Palestinian slogan, “Jerusalem is ours, WE ARE COMING!” It also includes a map of Palestine that says, “From the River to the Sea!”, the obvious implication being THERE IS NO ISRAEL.

The keffiyeh (or scarf) when translated has some other interesting slogans attached “We are marching forward” is a reference to a well-known battle and the prophecy that some day the Muslim world will march on Jerusalem and then the trees and stones will cry out, “here is a Jew hiding behind me... come O Muslim, come and kill him”.

And perhaps this in part may explain President Obama’s outright hostility towards the Prime Minister of Israel. Moreover Malik’s associations with  known terrorists isn’t one of a benign nature, but rather of someone fully committed and engaged within the process, in 2010 he attended the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO) conference in Khartoum, the event was supervised by none other then President Omar Al-Bashir, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on seven counts relating to crimes against humanity.

“Malik Obama not only attended the IDO conference, but was also a guest speaker at the event as well. And if that wasn’t enough Malik Obama is also an important “money-man” for the Muslim Brotherhood overseeing worldwide investments, and is also a fundraiser for Hamas.

Obviously Malik’s association with known terrorist groups posses a direct dilemma for the President, and of course raises many questions about the President’s own associations and motives, and his recent dust-up with the Prime Minister simply illustrates the growing animosity that exists between the two leaders. My sense is that the Prime Minister knows exactly where President Obama and his half brother stand on the issue of “terrorism” and those critical negotiations with Iran and Obama’s reluctance to confront and identify the numerous murderous acts as “Islamic Jihad.”





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