It’s August and the last chance for family vacations before school starts in the fall.

FOX news programs are staffed with “sitting in for” substitutes for Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly.

Woody Allen once joked that it’s the month New York City “has a collective nervous breakdown because all the shrinks are on vacation.

This August marks the last time President Obama and the First Family will take their annual trip to the Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard for weeks of presidential golf, time on the beach, bike rides and ice cream cones with First Daughters, and dinners in top restaurants with friends.

First Dogs Bo and Sunny are also along on the trip.

Conservatives are quick to criticize the massive annual expense of travel on Force One, Marine One and limousines, as well as the full compliment of Secret Service agents and staff, but defenders of the president point out that President George W. Bush took time off in August, too.

Bush summer vacations, however, were working affairs spent on his own ranch in Crawford, Texas where the president spent time cutting brush and holding meetings with cabinet members who were expected to make the trek in the blistering heat of August in central Texas.

Photographs of then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in slacks and heels on the ranch alongside a sweating and smiling denim-clad Bush captured both love of his ranch and the hazardous duty time expected of the cabinet.

With Dallas a four-hour round trip and Houston six-hours, the most elegant dining experience available for the Bush family on vacation was The Coffee Shop Café where the specialty of the house of fried jalapeño peppers became a favorite of the Secret Service contingent.

The island has always been a vacation favorite of rich, influential and famous vacationers.

But working Americans are most familiar with “The Vineyard” as the site of a car accident that killed an intern and Sen. Edward Kennedy’s presidential hopes in 1969, and the site of the small plane crash that took the life of his nephew, John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1999.

The island also served as the location for the Steven Spielberg movie, Jaws.

At Christmas, the Obama family vacations in Hawaii.

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