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Remember back a few months ago when President Obama claimed that he had the answer to the United States' prison problem? Obama claimed that the problem was mandatory incarceration times and undue punishments for small crimes. As a result, he pushed legislation through Congress which would grant thousands of prisoners early release from federal prisons.

The only problem is, Obama's plan has backfired.

Instead of leading to reunited families, stronger communities, and smaller prison populations, the Obama-led Sentencing Reform Act has done nothing but increase crime.

That's according to a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, who says that the area of inner-city Cleveland, Ohio where he lives will skyrocket in crime once Obama's measures are implemented.

"I live in a predominantly black area of inner-city Cleveland. For my neighbors and me, these concerns are not remote. When these men are released from prison earlier than they otherwise would have been, they are coming back to my neighborhood and neighborhoods like mine," said Peter Kirsanow.

Kirsanow brings up a good point that Obama and the bipartisan group of senators who are pushing the bill don't seem to have really understood--it's fine and well to release prisoners from prison early, but you have to understand that these people are far more likely to commit crimes again than regular, everyday citizens.

The odds of a repeat offense for ex-cons is over 67 percent. That's the percent of released convicts who are later arrested for a new offense. Just over 46 percent of ex-cons are reconvicted for new crimes and a quarter of ex-cons are sent back to prison for committing other egregious crimes.

These are the men and women that Obama is unleashing back into the communities of America. Is it any wonder that Kirsanow is frightened?

Think before you act, Obama. It's good advice for a child and it's even better advice for you.

h/t: Daily Caller



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