The Fellowship of the Jihad are at it again. To, quote our fearful leader, “let me be clear,” Obama’s ally, Iran, took our U.S Naval soldiers hostage. They placed them on their knees, in pre-execution pose with the hands behind their heads, and snapped propaganda pics. Those photos went viral.

Next they put them in a room, on the floor, having taken the shoes away (and likely their belts), and all weaponry, and dressed the female in a greasy head scarf/hajib/hijab/filth.

What does our president mom-jeans do? He does his impression of the Great and Powerful Oz. He redirects you from the man behind the curtain to the man on stage, in oratory, telling a fable about the state of our Union.

The soldiers? They went un-mentioned and ignored by Obama. Naturally. The SOTU is all about him and he has no time for addressing an aggressive action and prelude to declaration of war by Iran.

Oh contraire! He addressed it in another venue; “We do not see this as hostile intent, they’ve been well treated, and we have received assurance they’ll be released” was the statement released by the White House.

That’s what a real leader does! He believes the country he just armed with nukes who screams that we will eat the white fire they plan to rain down on us so that we may be wiped off the face of the earth. Moron.

Prior to the Iranian “rescue” of our sailors, they lobbed nuclear-capable missiles, followed by other missiles in proximity to one of our Navy ships.

Why the Joint Chiefs attended the SOTU in light of the situation is a bit baffling, but one can assume their top brass were all over it.

The goal was for Iran to embarrass the US, and they accomplished that task with respect to President Useless. As for our service members? We are far from embarrassed.

We are proud of you and praise God you are still with us. We are also thankful that for all their talk, Iran clearly fears us.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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