No doubt come January 20th there will be a universal sigh-of-relief when the Obama Department of Justice is officially kicked to the curb, forever.

Moreover and perhaps more importantly America will once again under a Trump Administration hopefully reexamine the full scope of our immigration laws dealing with U.S. Citizenship, quotas and government job requirements for aliens.

The recent dust-up targeting the Denver Sheriff Department by the Justice Department is the first place the Trump Administration should look into, which involves the apparent violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, when the Sheriff Department made US Citizenship a requirement in seeing employment with its department.

The 1965 Act which has been part of immigration law for decades, grants special dispensation quotas with no restrictions to “special immigrants” seeking state employment.

In short, the Denver Sheriffs Department has been fined $10,000 dollars after the Obama Justice Department decided to actually enforce a part of the immigration law, by cherry picking this particular Act and found that the status of “US Citizen” was a part of the job requirement in becoming a law enforcement agent, which is apparently unlawful under this bizarre Act.

The infraction began in 2015 through March 2016, when the biggest office in Colorado had a hiring spree and hired individuals that were US Citizens only.

The ACT in part creates a visa preference based on skill sets and family relationships with citizens and U.S. residents…however shouldn’t U.S, citizenship be a job requirement for police officers?

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