What has become abundantly clear even within the waning days of his presidency, is Obama’s inescapable hunger to continually overreach, whether it’s his attempt at the 11th hour, to purposely interfere and intimidate the internal national security interests of one of our strongest allies and the only democracy within the Middle East, or suddenly (after 8-years), exhibiting selective outrage towards Russia for political expediency, this administration’s continued irrational, incompetent and perhaps most troubling of all arrogant behavior towards the rule of law, is simply stunning.

The latest willful misdeed by the imperial presidency is perhaps the most egregious to the time-honored concept of “states rights” and Obama’s continued assault on those states that he deems unworthy to govern themselves, thus with that feeble excuse, he uses the power of “EXECUTIVE ORDERS” to gobble up and seize millions upon millions of prime real estate and once again bypasses congress.

This latest aggression was aimed at the state of Utah, when Obama last week decided to confiscate more than 1.5 million acres of land and designate that land as federal property under the guise of protecting several monuments, which virtually prohibits any human expansion, development, energy use, ranching or state or local jurisdiction.

“Remarkably” with the stroke of Obama’s pen, the governor of Utah along with its citizens, no longer have any claim to their land.

Moreover this last-minute land grab is seen as another political move by Obama to limit President-elect Trump’s promise to make America energy-sufficient, by denying the incoming administration access to Utah’s abundant natural energy resources.

This overt land grab was primarily ignored by the mainstream media, however thanks to several major news outlets and alternative news sources (like ours), the information about Obama’s numerous and uncontested assaults on our states are finally being made public.

No doubt most critical thinking American’s believe in preserving America’s natural beauty and the environment, along with manly conservationist groups, and in this particular instance supporting Native American tribes in designating the Bears Ears Monument, in Utah as a “national monument” along with the surrounding land.

However grabbing almost 2-million acres, under the pretence of designating monuments, is a clever way for progressives to undermine America’s vital interests, and perhaps recalling what another failed leader and former Obama decuple,  Chicago’s own Rahm Emanuel once said…"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste."

Source: MRCTV

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