What is up with our president? The man wastes no time when it comes to defending black thugs. He is out there mouthing off and inciting racial division, and hatred of cops. Muslim clock boy makes a fake bomb and he is invited to the White House. Anybody remember the beer summit? How about his fly-over potty stop to chit-chat with the victims of the San Bernardino after the Muslim terrorist attack?

In one of his great displays of anti-military sentiment, the man-child was stone silent in the wake of six servicemen killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan just before Christmas.

Perhaps in one of the most painfully poignant reminders of how callous our President is, are the words spoken by the 4-year old son of Technical Sergeant, Joseph G. Lemm;

“Oh, Daddy, Daddy!”

While repeatedly going to his father’s casket in one of the deepest moments of pain that child is likely ever to know.

Our president? He was in Hawaii. He was silent. He was, and is, the most inhumane uncompassionate man to ever lead this nation.

Fortunately, for that little guy and his mom, Christine Lemm, thousands of people offered the support our president cannot bring himself to bestow.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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