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The Obama’s are FINALLY getting to take a much-needed vacation.

A vacation from all the vacationing, golfing, jet-setting, shopping trips, and more vacationing that they seem to do endlessly.

Let’s not forget that we the peons pay for all this nonsense.

For the eighth year in a row, the presidential couple heads to the lush and tropical Hawaiian Islands.

Did you know that last year, the Obama Christmas vacation cost us $7.8-Million?

That is just in air fare. Between, 2012-2015, the royal family has racked up $15.54-Million in airfare.

That figure has been reported by Judicial Watch via review of data provided in compliance with the Freedom of Information Ace.

Would someone please explain how you run up an airfare tab like that?  A flight from D.C. to Hawaii runs close to $8-Million?

Good Lord, what does it cost to bounce him around the country to campaign and play golf incessantly?

On top of that, this year’s plane ticket is roughly $3.6-Million more than last year?

What happened to the free fall in the costs of oil?

There is nothing more infuriating than watching your president rub it in the noses of all of America, that while he destroys our economy on the one hand, he thumbs his nose at us with the other, laughing at all of the struggling and unemployed folks while he spends Christmas, on our dime, sipping Mai Tais on the beaches in paradise.

Source: IJReview


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