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If there’s one thing progressives do well, is spend tax payer’s money and if you’re President Obama you’ve taken spending tax payer money to a new and unprecedented level with hundreds of millions of dollars of tax payer money being spent on lavished and exotic vacations, so a ride here and there on Air Force One at the tax payers expense seems like “chump change” to these two.

Obviously to a successful businessman turned presidential candidate, spending tax payer money is another reason why Donald Trump is resonating with the American people and asking what most hard-working Americans can’t;

“Why is President Obama allowed to use Air Force One on the campaign trail with Crooked Hillary? She is flying with him tomorrow. Who pays?”

A question no doubt never asked by the progressive political ruling class, however to a successful businessman like Trump, where “profit and lose” is the key to staying in business that question is the basis for any business…”who pays”?

Flights cost $200,000 per hour.

However in all fairness under guidelines first adopted by the Reagan administration in 1982, the DNC would be obligated to reimburse the tax payer a percentage of the North Carolina event.

Now if we could only find out where that lost $6-billion dollars under then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, vanished too, perhaps we can also recoup those funds. Doesn’t it seem odd that everything Hilary touches is either misplaced, lost, deleted, sanitized, and discarded?

Source: Politico

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