Never a day goes by when we are not reminded that we live in a house of horrors, and the White House is a smoke and mirrors maze. A fun-house that distorts the reflection of reality. In the latest display of carnival-madness the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU) is suing President Obama. Aaah, the irony.

What for? For his Administration’s supposed efforts to target “violent extremism” in the Muslim community. What programs would those be?

Inviting clock-bomb kid to the White House? Admonishing Americans for fear of Islamic widows and children? Anybody come up with a government program that does anything other than sandal-lick the feet of Islam?

According to the ACLU this is major part of the White House Agenda. They are taking issue with the White House, because what constitutes “violent extremism” by Muslims is a “poorly defined and malleable concept.”

Yeah, it’s hard to convince the public that sawing off the heads of factory workers, shooting-up military recruiting centers, killing people at Ft. Hood, going on a rampage in San Bernardino, and so forth is “violent extremism.”

How about taking over the community of Hamtramck, Michigan and instituting Sharia, condoning incest, rape of women, men, and children, castration and female genital mutilation?

What a malleable concept with respect to a violent tyrannical faith-based governance.

While the ACLU’s Director of “National Security Project,” Hina Shamsi, was inspired by the speech given at the terrorism choice of venue, per President O-Islam (Islamic Society of Baltimore mosque), she found it to be two-faced. 

Obama more or less called Americans bigots, and said Muslims make us safer. Shamsi came away with the feeling that there was as, “disconnect between his powerful words and government policies that target American Muslims unfairly and foster our national climate of fear and discrimination.”

No, Ms. Hamsi…Muslims don’t need the help of their Endorser-in-Chief. They are doing a fine job all by themselves of fostering a climate of fear and discrimination.  Beheading people, taking a city street hostage in call to prayer (Los Angeles), building fake and real bombs, tends to do that to the American people.

Have no fear. Americans, who are a government of, by, and for ourselves, will fight to protect freedom—from enemies foreign and domestic, no matter their faith. Hopefully that is not “poorly defined” and too “malleable a concept.”

Source: Mad World News


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