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The one thing the American taxpayer can be sure of is that regardless of who’s in office, whether it is a Democrat or a Republican, our good old Uncle Sam will continue picking our pockets.

And aside from being the only legitimate superpower in the world, we’ve also become the world’s piggy bank, supporting both friends and enemies, whether we like it or not.

After WWII America took on the awesome responsibility of rebuilding a devastated Europe and a vanquished Japan, and ironically the two nations that created such senseless destruction and carnage looked to us for help.

This latest fiasco in paying out to tyrants in the Middle East is simply a continuation of despots creating mayhem, being defeated, but – ironically, still winning the jackpot. Simply take a look at the economies respectively of Germany and Japan for proof.

This latest bribe, or payout to put it in a more politically correct term, is the unfreezing of $1.7 billion dollars back to Iran for nothing more than Obama’s delusional theories and the appearance of an actual nuclear deal, when in fact all that was achieved was giving Iran a huge payday to continue its goal of sponsoring terrorism around the world, and of course expanding its military capabilities.

From Bloomberg:

It all starts with $1.7 billion the U.S. Treasury transferred to Iran's Central Bank in January, during a delicate prisoner swap and the implementation of last summer's nuclear deal to resolve a long-standing dispute about Iran's arms purchases before the revolution of 1979.

For months it was unclear what Iran's government would do with this money. But last month the mystery was solved when Iran's Guardian Council approved the government's 2017 budget that instructed Iran's Central Bank to transfer the $1.7 billion to the military.

Moreover unfreezing these funds creates a domino effect – the unintended consequence of lousy governance is not having the foresight to anticipate, and so as a counterbalance to Iran’s financial bonanza, Obama is forced to deliberately subsidize defense spending for allies like Egypt and Israel, in order to maintain a stabilized Middle East.

Obviously Obama considers himself a visionary and, remarkably, an expert on foreign policy, however reality may eventually seep in, as Iran made it clear last month what it intends to do with the $1.7 billion dollars. The Iranian government approved the 2017 budget transferring the entire amount from the Central Bank to the military.

Source: Bloomberg


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